Birds, Bees and Butterflies

Birds, Bees and Butterflies


It’s the time of year, the coming of spring, the Easter season that one tends to re-examine their faith and spiritual awareness (or lack thereof). Growing up on 32nd Street I was aware early in my life there were differences in what my relatives and neighbors believed in regarding their faith. All I wanted then was to belong and be a member of the same club as my friends, even though I knew nothing about their club? Belonging in this regard, I believe, is a need of the human condition.

“Of the manor born,” can and does, come most often with an attachment to the family faith, generation upon generation. There is no choice given or offered. In many places in the world it automatically comes as a result of local culture… which is a totally different animal. When taken as a whole, the myriad of different faiths, customs and cultures in the world, can be mind boggling.

We are very fortunate that our country was founded on the principals of religious freedom, allowing us to make choices based on our own belief system. I don’t feel it’s proper to question the origins of one’s faith or to impose my belief on others. I am comfortable in my own spirituality.

I never thought much about the word “infinity” while a student in school, especially so because it was taught in relation to measurements during my studies in math and physics. I feel fortunate to have had a bird’s eye view of the world during my flying career as an airline pilot. Having visited many corners of the world, including the third world, I was able to experience firsthand, its many cultures.

The word infinity resurfaced in my mind in a curious way; during the many times I sat in the cockpit during night crossings of the north Atlantic, in route to various destinations throughout Europe, I had the benefit of what would be considered an astronomers dream vantage point. At thirty-seven thousand feet above the Earth, without an intervening light source, I could see with an astounding clarity the many stars in the beyond. The beyond became my new infinity. While I believe there is something to the beyond… I don’t know or presume to know for sure what it is all about?

I do pray. It is a need of my human condition to seek help or give thanks, to whom ever or whatever is responsible for my existence. I am cautious about saying I know someone is listening, because I don’t know anything for certain about that. Nor, do I believe, that anyone else does either. What I have is hope?

On being a Bird:

Somewhere out there, a wondrous place
To wander free, in endless space.

Good reason why, men need to fly
Is in a word, to be a bird.

-ron hart



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