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I’m jumping ahead in time here while at at the same time looking back. I received an offer for employment almost forty years ago that I want to share. As you may have noticed, I have had a unique history of friends of various persuasions over the years. None quite so creative as my cartoonist friend (that was also my college art teacher). My friend, Cartoonist Ray, was also responsible for my attending the Academy of Arts College in San Francisco many years ago, during one of my many airline furloughs. (letter pdf link here)

The letter reads:

Dear Mr. Hart,

We have been informed that you have been furloughed from ONA. It is our pleasure to announce that we have an employment opportunity for you in our popular Sky Kitchen… a new innovation in short commute flights. It is our unique concept to provide the short flight passenger with a quick, but nutritious, meal compensatory with the time limitations. We are therefore offering each passenger a quickie meal comprised of a chilled glass of Carnation Liquid Breakfast and Croutons. Our present need is for flight personnel who are capable of breaking open the individual packets and thoroughly stirring the contents into a pleasantly chilled glass of two-percent milk and subsequently artistically placing the croutons on the surface in a pleasing manner. Uniforms will be provided (pink and magenta jumper with yellow silk shirts and formal black tie for the men, none for the women), and we have established a six week training school for acceptable students. We guarantee work within six weeks of graduation at a handsome salary not unlike other unemployed individuals at the present time. We shall look forward to your application and processing fee of fifty dollars, payable by return mail.


A. Skinner
Proc Food Sky Kitchen
Dept Y

My recent reply to my friend:

I don’t know if you recall my temporary employment with PSA Airlines almost forty years ago(see attachment). I really enjoyed that job. It only lasted a short while and it was fortuitous, as a trained cabin crew member, acting in the capacity as Gourmet Purser, that I could also fly the airplane if need be. The truth of the matter is, the position and career only lasted for one flight. It seems our food service caterer supplied us with fouled croutons. It was shortly after we served the cockpit crew their inflight snack that I noticed the unusual attitude of our airplane as having assumed a near vertical position in a nose down trajectory. I quickly found myself, due to the forces of gravity, standing on the cockpit door. I let myself in. The pilots were doubled over in some sort of pain. I wrestled the Captain from his seat, took control and landed the Boeing 727 at the Vacaville Nut Tree Airport. Whereupon, I called my cartoonist friend Ray Salmon and explained the situation.

He said what letter?






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