FLETCHER: To Kitty from Uncle Donald

For the Memory Tree

On Saturday, March 17th 2018, I met someone who wasn’t there in a physical sense but was ever present in spirit. Family and friends all called him Fletcher. Why I never met him isn’t important but the fact I hadn’t is my loss. My heart is heavy because I missed an opportunity, as expressed by friends and family alike, to acquaint myself with a most exceptional, unique and rare human being. Acquaintances in and around the community of Leavenworth, Washington, most everyone, remain saddened with the news of his passing.

James Fletcher’s accomplishment’s, during his short span of life, may be legendary. He was, according to friends, the Maestro of having fun while happiest at being made fun of. Artist, Musician, Hiker, Biker, Husband, Step-father and did I mention Soccer Coach. I’m guessing Fletcher was as solid a human being as ever I didn’t get to know. Thoughts and prayers are not enough to express the sorrow I feel for his extended family, friends and co-workers he leaves behind.

The Lad from Yorkshire first made his voice known on February 6th, 1980. Prior to leaving us Fletcher, in his characteristic voice, reflected; “Life is uncertain… It’s not what you do, but who you do it with and how you do it… Life is about love and connection: that’s all there is to it.”

Well lived and well said James; I am so sorry we didn’t meet.

All my love to you Kitty,

Uncle Donald


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