The Postcard

Unknown to me the postcard arrived at 5217 32nd Street in late October or early November, 1942.

Addressed to Mr & Mrs Hart on 32nd Street, It Read:

“Hello all,
Having a swell trip. Will write when I reach destination. Give Ronnie
my love and sorry for having to leave on last Fri so sudden.
But that’s the way this life goes I guess,
Bye Harold

The return information at the top left of the card read:   Corp HW Kuhn, USMC, enroute

The card was postmarked from Salt Lake City, Utah on Oct 27, 1942.

There wasn’t another communication with Harold until I called him forty-five years later. This too is another story for later. We were virtually neighbors in Southern California at the time. It’s a good story.

The family history that unfolded after our first meeting was very enlightening. Similarities of when and where we both grew up involved our having attended the same school system and living in the same neighborhood. Our handwriting was nearly identical… no doubt the result of the “Palmer Method” being taught in our early grade levels.


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